The Bird-watching Kit


The Bird-Watching Kit is site-specific installation has created an opportunity for visitors to look directly at nature around the William Morris Hunt Memorial Library, and become aware of the local bird wildlife and the surrounding ecological community.

The Bird-Watching Kit provides all the tools needed to bird-watch inside the 17th century William Morris Hunt Memorial art research library of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The sculpture is an attaché kit which contains all of the tools needed to bird-watch; a field guide to New England birds, a field notebook, two pairs of binoculars, drawing pencils and a written invitation to use the kit. The Bird-Watching Kit also highlights the library’s collection of copies of the artist John James Audubon’s famous 17th century extravagant illustrations that celebrated American bird wildlife.

The Bird-Watching Kit will be on display until May 31st, 2013. It is viewable at the The William Morris Hunt Memorial Library, 2nd floor of the Horticultural Hall ( across from Symphony Hall) at 300 Massachusetts Avenue ,Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-369-3385

Site-Specific installation, sculpture